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On this page you can settle payments towards Pintz & Partners (Budapest, Hungary) using your bank card.

Company name: Pintz & Partners Patent, Trademark & Law Office LLC

Location of head office: Budapest, Hungary, European Union
Address: Pf. 245, 1444 Budapest, Hungary
Telefax: +36 1 457-0065
E-mail: info@hupatent.com

After having filled in the form you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your payment by email.

You can pay with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard (EC/MC), and JCB bank cards. The payment is effected on the secure site of our bank. When submitting a payment on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) interface you are connected directly to our Bank (K&H). K&H Bank Hungary is the affiliate of KBC Bank Belgium. Pintz & Partners does not receive or handle any information relating to your card, our office receives only a short message about the payment from the bank. The bank has a secure 128-bit encrypting key to protect the communication channel. VeriSign certified K&H bank to use this 128-bit key, based upon which it ensures the application of SSL-based encryption. This encryption method is applied in 90 % of today's global e-commerce. Your browser encrypts the cardholder's data before transmission. This means that the information given by you gets to the destination in an encoded form and no unauthorised party is able to interpret it or to use it.
The fees indicated by Pintz & Partners do not include the remittance of the payment, so please add 2% to this amount for bank charges. This amount will be deducted from the payment by our bank K&H Bank Hungary. Please note that all of the remittance must be paid by you when you place your order. If we receive less payment as indicated in the purchase specification and the outstanding amount is not settled, the amount paid will be refunded after deduction of the bank charges. Pintz & Partners reserves the right to handle any case only after having received the total payment.


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«EUR 35-250/country»

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