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Our European patent validation service operates with the assistance of a network of European patent and trademark firms. Here you can see the list of our partners, who proved to be highly trustful, professional and quick throughout the years we have been cooperating. 


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Studio DRIAR (Albania)

Studio Driar

Studio DRIAR offers a wild range of services in the field of industrial property rights with a special focus on trademarks, patent and utility models, industrial designs, domain names, etc. It is the one of the biggest registrars of Albanian top-level and second-level domains. The office, managed by Dr. Eng. Fatos Dega, relies on the professionalism and experience of its scientists, engineers, business administrators and lawyers and provides services to clients ranging from individuals to large multinational companies.

Bulinvent (Bulgaria) 


Bulinvent was established in Sofia and offers numerous services in the field of industrial property for more than 15 years. The Bulgarian patent and trademark agency engages with cases associated with inventions, trademarks and industrial design.

Patent-K (Czech Republic)


Patent-K specializes in industrial property rights and offers high-quality services internationally. The office was established by Václav Kratochvíl and functions for more than a decade in Prague. Its services involve patent and trademark search, valuation, patent filing, trademark, utility and industrial model applications and also counseling. The office represents clients both before the Intellectual Property Office of the Czech Republic and The European Patent Office.

Intels (Estonia)


Intels, established in 1992, also specializes in the areas of intellectual property with special regard to industrial property issues such as the registration and enforcement of trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, patents, utility models, and also domain names. The office also conducts availability searches and offers services that focus on counterfeited goods. Intels and its attorneys are members of all the relevant international professional associations that deal with intellectual property rights. 

ARCADE & Asociados (Spain)


ARCADE & ASOCIADOS is a firm founded in 2006 being focused on managing both the Industrial and Intellectual Properties. They have a great team of professional people with more than 20 years of experience in these fields.

They are experts in consulting and assisting their clients regarding the protection, management, vigilance and defense of their rights along the different types of Industrial Properties at a national and international level.

A VOUTSAS Law Office (Greece)


Our Greek partner was established in 1990 and is located in the capital city, Athens. A VOUTSAS Law Office engages not only with cases regarding intellectual property but is recognized as a full-service law firm. Their services involve negotiation, drafting, litigation and counsel regarding all phases of international trade, commercial transactions, formation of companies, investments, EU law and, consumer protection, IP law etc.  

FORINPRO (Croatia)


FORINPRO, with the acronym of for intellectual property, offers its services both in Croatia and in the region. The firm was established in 1998, and since then it specializes in the field of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and domain names including mediations, pre-litigation and litigation procedures. FORINPRO offers fast, effective and professional services with full commitment to their clients.

Patentiniu paslaugu centras, UAB (Lithuania)


PPC is a company engaged in the field of protection Industrial Property rights in Lithuania. They started in 1971 and since 1993 the office works under the company name PATENTINIU PASLAUGU CENTRAS, UAB. PPC’s Industrial Property rights protection practice covers patents, designs, trademarks, including search, filing of applications for registration / grant of patents and for maintaining their validity. PPC also represents clients in defending their rights before the Section of Appeals of the State Patent Bureau and before Court.

Alfa-Patents (Latvia)


Alfa-Patents, founded by Dr. iur. Abraham Fogel, is a well-known patent and trademark firm, one of the largest in Latvia. It specializes in the representation of foreign clients in Latvia but they have also acquired experience in assisting Latvian inventors in filing their European patent applications. Alfa-Patents has initiated groundbreaking infringement cases in post-Soviet Latvia. The agency’s well-established professional relationship with industrial property attorneys in the Commonwealth countries has helped the clients to efficiently protect their trade marks in a rapidly developing new area of market economy.


Abapat (Poland)


Abapat is a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney Agency that helps inventors and businesses protect their intellectual property assets including patents, industrial designs and trademarks. They handle cases before the European Patent Office, the Office for Harmonization of Internal Market and also before the Polish Patent Office. The firm was established in 1995 by Mrs Urszula Trawinska, patent attorney with over 30 years’ experience in coal mine industry and who happens to be an appointed court expert as well. The firm provides various intellectual property legal services such as patent searches, patent applications, industrial design applications, trademark searches, trademark applications and IP valuations, while they specialize in mechanics, electrics, coal mining.

FURTADO (Portugal)


FURTADO is a firm specialising in industrial property, founded in 1904. They have been on the market for more than 100 years and provide all types of services in the field of industrial property, including the filing of trademark, patent and design applications, technical consultancy, conducting of searches, administrative file prosecution and domain name registration.


Inventa (Romania)


Inventa was founded in the early 90’s by Prof. Constantin Turcanu and is considered as the first Romanian private industrial property company. The agency has grown ever since into a strong intellectual property attorney company, providing representation and consultancy services to both natural and juridical persons in Romania. They assist their clients in acquiring, both inland and abroad, protection titles for patents, trademarks, industrial designs, utility models, plant varieties, integrated circuits topographies, and for other services from the field of industrial property.

Vlahovic IP & Law Office (Serbia)


Vlahovic IP & Law Office, a member of INTA and AIPPI, offers a full range of intellectual property services in the areas of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Copyright. The firm provides advice and assistance on IP protection, management and enforcement in the in the Balkan and East Europe countries, as well as before European Patent Office. Vlahovic IP & Law Office acts for companies of all sizes, academic institutions and public sector organizations. The firm also acts for IP attorneys and law firms based overseas, assisting in the protection of their clients\' rights in the Balkan and East Europe countries.

Markoffice (Slovakia)


MarkOffice is a Slovakian intellectual property and technology consultant agency that offers services regarding trademarks, designs, patents and utility models, both inside and outside of the country’s borders. Further services are involved in the profile of the agency such as the valuation of intellectual rights and dealing with issues of unfair competition.


Dişpatent (Turkey)


Being founded by İhsan Karaca and Tolga Çaylak in 2003 in Istanbul, Dişpatent provides service inside and outside of the country regarding all aspects of industrial property rights (trademark, patent and industrial designs). Dişpatent positions itself at the top of the sector with its unique structure and price policy which is in accordance with today’s conditions. Their mission is to contribute to the protection of the intellectual and industrial property rights with a 100% customer satisfaction service policy. Dişpatent relies on the professionalism of its 35 experts who support the work of the law department and the domestic and foreign relations department.   

IP Cyprus (Cyprus)


Intellectual property services provider offers a one-stop shop for any issue related to the registration, protection, licensing and maintenance of intellectual property rights. It\'s team  team is comprised of dedicated, experienced professionals, members of the Nicosia and Cyprus Bar Association.Their priority is to assist the clients through every step to secure the protection of their rights both at national and international level.

Ing. Claudio Baldi SRL (Italy)


For more than 30 years Ing.Claudio Baldi S.r.l. has been providing assistance on trademarks and patents to numerous companies with a natural predominance in the most typical business units of Central Italy: from shoes to apparel, from furniture to household appliances, from plastic moulding to mechanical production, from textiles to agricultural products and foods, from paper industry to musical instruments. The staff includes five attorneys and twelve consultants, apart from the external consultants. The company maintains offices in Jesi, Civitanova Marche, Foligno and Pesaro to provide the services promptly and follow up with distant clients.
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