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Members of the EPO

Here you can see a list of the contracting member states of the European Patent Organisation

The functioning of the European Patent Organisation including the European Patent Office is based on the European Patent Convention that is, the European patent system's founding treaty, signed 5 October 1973 in Munich.

The EPO was established by Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in 1977.

Sweden and Italy joined a year later, then Austria (1979) and Liechtenstein (1980) entered.

Greece, Spain, Denmark, Monaco, Portugal, Ireland, Finland, Cyprus are also affiliated soon.

Other states became members of the 2000s: Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Croatia, Norway,

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , San Marino, Albania and finally Serbia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro recognise European patents upon request.

THe full list with exact day of accession: 

BEBelgium7 October 1977
DEGermany7 October 1977
FRFrance7 October 1977
LULuxembourg7 October 1977
NLNetherlands7 October 1977
CHSwitzerland7 October 1977
GBUnited Kingdom7 October 1977
SESweden1 May 1978
ITItaly1 December 1978
ATAustria1 May 1979
LILiechtenstein1 April 1980
GRGreece1 October 1986
ESSpain1 October 1986
DKDenmark1 January 1990
MCMonaco1 December 1991
PTPortugal1 January 1992
IEIreland1 August 1992
FIFinland1 March 1996
CYCyprus1 April 1998
TRTurkey 1 November 2000
BGBulgaria1 July 2002
CZCzech Republic1 July 2002
EEEstonia1 July 2002
SKSlovakia1 July 2002
SISlovenia1 December 2002
HUHungary1 January 2003
RORomania1 March 2003
PLPoland1 March 2004
ISIceland1 November 2004
LTLithuania1 December 2004
LVLatvia1 July 2005
MT Malta1 March 2007
HRCroatia1 January 2008
NONorway1 January 2008

Former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia 

1 January 2009
SMSan Marino1 July 2009
ALAlbania1 May 2010
RSSerbia1 October 2010

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