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General information

...about the procedure

This European patent validation service is provided by Pintz & Partners Patent, Trademark and Law Office. If you become our client, you will have the chance to access our cross-border patent validation services at a reduced rate.



The process is quick and simple:

  1. You give us the European patent publication number, a word- and page-count of the European patent claims (and of the description where a full translation is required).
  2. You select the requested countries and whether you would like us to provide you a translation (remove the tick, if not).
  3. Once you decided to place a European patent validation order (after pressing “Start”), please give us the European patent application number, your contact details and the English translation of the description (if the EP is not in English).
  4. You download the ready-made Power of Attorney forms and send them to the representative indicated on the form which will be sent to you automatically by mail.
  5. You pay the fees by bank card or bank transfer.
  6. You receive the report about filing directly from the local representative. You can check the general status of the validation under the “Follow up” menu any time.


We charge a general flat service fee: EUR 190 for each country in your list.
You can check the official fees and translation fees for our Europan patent validation service under the “National information” menu. 
Disbursements: EUR 25/country.

After sending your Europan patent validation order you will receive a Debit Note from us automatically. If you have paid the fees by bank card, this Debit Note includes a receipt confirmation of the payment otherwise it includes the bank connection details for wire transfer.
The B1 document of the European Patent will be downloaded from the EPO database by us. If you provide the English translation of the description, you may upload it when you place the order (margins: 2,5 cm/1 inch; spacing:1,5; font size: 12 for Times New Roman).

This is a paperless service, all notices and documents will be sent to our clients only by email.

Preconditions for using our European patent validation service:


  1. The European patent application date has to be later than January 1st 2003 or the joining date of the selected country.
  2. For countries where a full translation is required, you may only order this service within 60 days, and for countries where only a claims translation is required, within 75 days from the date of the granting publication.


Power of Attorney





You can instantly download the ready-made Power of Attorney form after you have filled out our online European patent application form. We need you to give us the European patent application number and the name of the applicant on our online form so we can draft the Power of Attorney automatically. If there are more than one applicants, it is possible to list them all by adding new applicants. We use the European patent application number to control accuracy of the information given by you.

Once the Power of Attorney form has been signed by the competent person, please send the form by mail directly to the local representative indicated on the form.







This service does not include the maintenance fees of your validated patent, but the local representatives are happy to handle the annuity fees for you. Please, remember to give them the instruction in time.

The local representative is not obliged to pay the official fees in advance to the authorities on behalf of our clients, even if there is such an express instruction given by the client. Official fees will only be paid to the authorities after they have been sorted to us.





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General information

...about the procedure

Payment terms

«EUR 35-250/country»

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