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Payment terms

«EUR 35-250/country»

The costs of European Patent Validation are typically made up of up to three components:

- Service fees (including agent's fees) which are the fees of the professionals handling the validation
- Official filing fees which are payable to the national patent offices
- Translation fees

Total service fee:  EUR 35 - EUR 250/country



We apply a flat rate service fee which includes:
- the fees of representation,
- the basic fee of the validation and
- the fee of forwarding the official decision of the national offices to the client (by email).

Official fee: You can check the official fees and translation fees under National infromation, fees & costs.

Disbursements (administrative costs, postage, typing etc.): EUR 15-35/country.

All our other fees depend on the volume of the text of the European patent application. Usually the following factors need to be provided for a precise quotation:

1. Number of words
- description of the European patent
- claims of the Europeann patent

2. Number of claims of the European Patent

3. Number of pages
- description of the European patent 
- claims of the European patent
- drawings of the European patent

The translation fee



In some countries the following local requirements may affect the fees and costs of the European patent validation:

- No translation of the European patent is needed.
- Only the claims of the European patent  need to be translated (EN description is also accepted).
- Full translation of the European patent  is required (claims and description have to be translated into the local language).

The primary factor in determining the cost of the translation of the European patent is the number of source words in the document. A source language refers to the document\'s original language and the target language refers to the language into which the document will be translated. Our European patent validation fees are calculated on the basis of the number of words in the source language, so you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project.

Please, note that we provide translation services only from English as the source language.

You can check the official fees and translation fees for our European patent validation service under National infromation, fees & costs.

Translation fee for our European patent validation service is calculated per 100 words and the number of words are rounded up to hundreds. If the number of words in the claims is less than 400, the number of words will be rounded up to 400.

If the application for a European patent validation includes drawings and these drawings contain any texts that need to be translated:
- the number of words in the drawings will also be taken into account when calculating the number of words of the source language, and also
- an additional translation fee of EUR 17 per page (sheet) is charged for applying the translated word into the drawing.

Payment terms



Invoices for our European patent validation service have to be paid within 15 days from the order date by bank card or bank transfer to Pintz & Partners LLC’s UniCredit Bank bank account.

We provide a discount of EUR 10/country for European patent validations that are paid by bank card.

Special accelerated process for patent attorney partners



As a general rule Pintz & Partners LLC will only start any European patent validation procedures after the total payment indicated in the quotation and the debit note has been transferred.

If you are a legal representative and you order our service as Principal on behalf of a patent owner, we will process the validations as soon as possible, without waiting for your payment to arrive, and give instruction to our agents to prepare the validation automatically, provided that you and your firm has no outstanding or overdue payments (apart from the fee of the latest order).

Payment with Bank Card



We provide a discount of EUR 10 for European patent validations if you pay by bank card. You can pay with VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard (EC/MC), and JCB bank cards. The payment is effected on the secure site of our bank. When submitting a payment on the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) interface you are connected directly to our Bank (K&H). K&H Bank Hungary is the affiliate of KBC Bank Belgium. Pintz & Partners LLC does not receive or handle any information relating to your card. Our firm receives only a short message about the payment. The bank has a secure 128-bit encrypting key to protect the communication channel. VeriSign certified K&H bank to use this 128-bit key, and therefore SSL-based encryption as well. This encryption method is applied in 90 % of today\'s global e-commerce. The browser software (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) encrypts the cardholder\'s data before transmission. Consequently the information given by you gets to the destination in an encoded form and no unauthorised party is able to interpret or to use it.

If we receive less payment as indicated in the purchase specification and the outstanding amount is not settled, the amount will be refunded after deduction of the bank charges.

Payment via Bank Transfer



The fees indicated on our debit note do not include the remittance fee of your payment. Please note that all of the remittance costs must be paid by you when you place your order. Payment must arrive to us within 15 days from placing the order. With regards to the experience with previous applications we would like to ask our clients to make sure that bank transfer costs are not charged on us.
If we receive less payment than indicated in the debit note, the amount shall be refunded automatically after deducting the bank charges.
If we receive the payment after the 15 day term above has expired, the order shall be considered to be cancelled and the payment will be refunded after deducting the bank charges, unless you instruct us to complete the European patent validation.
Bank connection details:
Pintz & Partners LLC
Pf. 245, 1444 Budapest, Hungary
UniCredit Bank, Budapest, Hungary
IBAN: HU61-1091-8001-0000-0116-5245-0015

The preferential fees indicated on this website apply only in case the fees of the European patent validation are timely settled. We process the European ppatent validations after having received the full documentation and the payment indicated in the debit note. Pintz & Partners LLC reserves the right to handle any case and to file any European patent application only after having received the total payment.

In case of no or partial payment within the month of placing the order, GPP will be entitled to cancel immediately all pending orders and close their files.

Upon separate agreement our long-term partners may use our reduced-rate European patent validation services also with delayed payment. Even in such cases we will not pay the official fees until the payment of the client has arrived to our account. In case of a delayed payment: if the due date of the payment has expired more than 30 days ago, an interest of 2% per month may be invoiced by GPP at its discretion. We also reserve the right to refuse any new orders from the same entity if the outstanding payments and the surcharges have not been settled.
If you as Principal have several outstanding debts or overdue payments that have not been settled, any payments made on your behalf will be accounted as offset for the debts that have the oldest expiry date. You as Principal agree that in such cases you are not entitled to give us instructions regarding the use of the funds.

Unless specified explicitly, any order for our European patent validation services commits the Principal whether the Principal is the beneficiary of the service, the representative or the intermediary. If the debit note is established in the name of a third party at the Principal’s request, the Principal is in any case responsible for the payment and, if the case arises, shall jointly pay with the third party.




We do not charge VAT. Our principals from non-EU countries are not obliged to pay VAT in Hungary, while our clients from the territory of the EU have to pay VAT in their own principal place of business. Such clients are kindly asked to provide us with their EU VAT number in the order form.



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Payment terms

«EUR 35-250/country»

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