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European Publication Server

What kind of information can I retrieve from the European Patent Server?

The European Publication Server will enable you to search through the European patent specification including cover page, description, claims and drawings. You will be able to see the specification either in XML or PDF and you can also download it in a ZIP file. If you click on ‘Espacenet’ you will see the abstract of the searched patent. In this view you can also click on “Register”, where you will see all kinds of details of documentation of the patent.

The panel is very useful if you would like to check the details of a European patent. On the cover page, you will see e.g. the date of the mention of the grant, the application number as well as the EP number. The cover page lists also the date of filing and the title of the patent in all the three official languages of the European Patent Office that is, English, German and French. All designated contracting states are also listed on the cover page as well as the proprietor’s, the inventor’s and the representative’s name and address.

The description is presented with paragraphs numbered in brackets, after which the numbered claims are also listed. The claims can be found in the documentation in all three official languages of the EPO.

Finally, you will see the patent drawings, the references and the patent documents cited in the description.

The B1 document registered in the European Publication Server will then later serve as the source for the necessary translations requested for European Patent validations.



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