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European Patent Register

How to use the European Patent Register?


The European Patent register is a very useful tool which can be accessed at the European Patent Office’s website for free. You only need to provide the application number of a European patent.

There are three ways by which you can conduct your search: a smart search, a quick search and an advanced search is also available.  

If you enter e.g. the publication number of the European Patent, you will see the entire documentation of the patent application divided into six sections. In “About this file” section you will see all basic information about the patent files, e.g. status, the proprietor’s, the inventor’s and the legal representative’s data, priority number and date, filing and procedural language, the steps in the examination procedure, etc.    

In the next section you can check the legal status of the European patent in each participating member states of the European Patent Convention. You can check here the renewal fees that have been already paid to the Office as well as the information generated on events during the lifetime of the EP.  

If you click on “Event history”, you will see all events from the publication of the patent through paid fees to examination reports and replies to them.

In “Citation”, you will see all documents cited throughout the lifespan of the patent.

In “Patent family” section all applications deriving from a particular invention will come up.

In “All documents” view you will see all publicly available elements of the patent application e.g. claims, description, drawings and the correspondence between the European Patent Officer and the applicant’s legal representation.  

If you use the register as a registered user, you will get e-mail notifications whenever there is a change or update in the files of the monitored European patent.

You can check out the tutorial video of the EPO here.



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