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Unitary Patent

The unitary EU patent may be launched in 2018


The foundation of the unitary patent was laid down in 2011 during the Hungarian EU Presidency. It can be considered as an enhanced cooperation of Europe aiming to create a fertile system for the blossoming of European patents, this way improving the competitiveness of the European Union.

One of the most important changes deriving from the new system is that it strikingly reduces the fees associated with patent applications. Today, a European bundle patent costs as much as € 36.000 compared to the future unitary patent’s fee, which will be among € 4.700-6.000.

The new process of the unitary patent involves administrative and procedural simplification as well as a completely new language regime. From the official start of the unitary patent, it will be enough to file the application in only one of the official languages of the EU, namely English, French or German compared to the present system, where the patent holder needs to translate hos invention to all the countries’ languages he wants his patent to be legally protected.

European patent validation will not cease to be, as there may be clients who want to validate their inventions only in some of the European countries and not in all of them. For those, we will still recommend our European patent validation service via www.epvalidation.net.   

You can read much more from the new process on the informative website of www.unitarypatent.com.




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