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A granted European patent has to be validated in those countries where we would like to have exclusive rights for its use. European patent validation has to take place within 3 months following the publication of the grant. At least one country has to be chosen as a target country for validation, otherwise the patent will have no effect.

In certain countries the European patent can still be validated for an extra fee for a timeframe of additional 3-6 months. The translational requirements are regulated by the London Agreement and regard all member states.

This homepage offers its European patent validation service in accordance with these requirements.

We as a European patent agent will help you in the validation process. When you submit your application containing the list of countries where you would like to validate your EPO-granted patent, we immediately prepare the necessary translations for either only the patent claims or for the whole document.

Each of the countries set different formal requirements for European patent validations in order to harmonize these patents with their national ones. Pintz & Partners LLC as a European patent agent knows well and therefore routinely and professionally acts according to these specific regulations.  

After the publication of the grant a yearly maintenance fee has to be paid in each country in advance. This is the responsibility of the patentee but a patent attorney can also be specifically mandated to monitor and pay the annuities. 

All changes that take place within 9 months of the grant (e.g. legal succession, change of address) have to be reported both to the EPO and to the national offices. After the mentioned timeframe only the national office needs to be notified.



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